Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Year in Review

I just know that 2013 will be our best year yet!!

As we anxiously wait for our phone to ring letting us know it is our time to travel to become Miriam's parents, we are thinking about the last year and how far we have come.

January 2012 - went on hold with Gladney as we were approached by a woman due to give birth in a few short weeks.  We scrambled to get everything ready for her arrival; she was born and placed in her mother's arms.  We were not to be her parents.  We.were.crushed.

February 2012 - grieving but moving on as we were already working with another birth mom due in April!

March 2013 - Eric celebrated a birthday and we went away with some great friends for what we thought would be the last getaway before the baby.  We had a great time in Philly!!

April 2012 - quickly realized that this birth mom never really planned to place her child; it appeared she was in it for the money.  We both could not believe someone could do that.  To get away from it all packed a bag and headed to Jamaica for a getaway!  We both came back with sadness in our hearts.

May 2012 - spent time deciding what path was right for us.  We also had a great weekend away in Crisfield, Maryland with some friends.

June 2012 - I celebrated a birthday and we celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary!!

July 2012 - trip to Maine!!  We also decided to leave the Gladney Ethiopia program and signed up with IFS and their Ethiopia program.

August 2012 - worked super hard redoing parts of our Dossier!!  Unbeknownst to us our little princess was born this month!!

September 2012 - dossier resubmitted to Ethiopia!!  Also celebrated a friends 40th in NYC!!

October 2012 - referral for a baby girl in Ethiopia!!

November 2012 - celebrated Thanksgiving in Maryland with Eric's family.  We enjoy getting updates of our little girl weekly :)

December 2012 - celebrating some good friends marriage, enjoyed the holidays with both our families and took my mom on a little getaway to Crisfield.  We are eager for 2012 to be over and 2013 to begin!

I will forever remember the year 2012 as the year we saw Miriam for the first time but 2013 will be the year she comes home forever!

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